When you go to sleep nightmen awake
and come out from that dusty lake
that's in your mind
and they make you find
what you've lost in your life.
You can see them walking in the streets,
wandering with no other definite leads
but drinking in the pubs,
playing at cards,
struggling each one with his sharp knife.
[ - Refrain -
Nightmen are watching over you,
they're walking straight to the moon.
Nightmen are waiting for the sun,
thery're just, living for none.
Of your life they're the guardians. ]
They're growing up trees, in the cold night.
They're going to freeze under dim light,
but they're looking at you,
more, they're watching over you,
they're preserving you from the cruel strife.
[ Refrain ]
Hey baby, feel strong, when you see the dust night
within its shadows running fast.
We're just there to save your soul
from the nightmares of the past.
Our voices like a wind, blow against these (bare) walls,
through the holes, and make your fancy win
upon those restless dream.
You cannot lose whene we make the rules.
It's just a play, don't be a fool, remember,
Nightmen are watching over you.
(Good night baby)
Marco Tamanti, written on 1991, published on 2019

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